Express your grievance about anyone, anything, anywhere!

C2Sbook is the first such platform that lets you, our precious customers, express a grievance about any provider, public or private.

Our uniqueness - If the provider is not registered, you our consumers can 'discover' the provider to enable expression of grievances. Therefore, none is saved your grievance!

An example - found a pothole on the expressway - report your grievance, enabling authorities to mend it.

Grievance not addressed? Complain.

If your grievance is not addressed appropriately, you can file a complaint, we will enable you to file a complaint (a complaint is a legally valid form of grievance) from the comfort of your couch. We automate the entire complaining process saving you time & travel to consumer courts. We let you access best value-adding advocates, who will bid for your case, thereby ensuring best deal for you, our valued customers.


C2Sbook uses State-of-the-Art DNSEA ratings consisting of nine (9) icons, which enable highly qualitative & objective rating, rather than choosing stars among five, which might mean different things to different consumers. DNSEA rating has been invented by Deepak Loomba, one of the C2Sbook promoters.

Pre-shopping, In-shopping & Post-shopping assistance

C2Sbook facilitates

pre-shopping activities - including right place to shop, where best to shop within a given geography etc.;

in-shopping activities - including informing the retailer of a VIP client's arrival, rating of the store or retailer on various parameters by customers using the State-of-the-art - DNSEA mechanism, which is showcased on the right;

post-occurrence activities - including guarantee period servicing, post-guarantee servicing and repairing.


DNSEA Feedback

C2Sbook is a pioneering discounts, coupons, loyalty points wallet. Permitting the users to procure freebies electronically and sell and purchase their transferable freebies in a specially designed marketplace.

Most importantly C2Sbook - permits the customers to voice their grievance irrespective of whether the goods or service provider (retailer) has registered itself on C2Sbook or not. The consumer is given the power to 'discover' the provider and log its grievance.

In case grievances are not heeded to with no satisfactory action, the consumer is assisted by C2Sbook to collate evidences and file an official complaint for compensation from the comfort of his couch.

C2Sbook will also facilitate engagement of advocates through a bidding mechanism, enabling consumers the best deal.

Service Providers

Very Special Services for ours Provider (Retailers & Partners)

The providers & retailers procure

(a) ratings & feedbacks from their clients which are meaningful owing to DNSEA;

(b) Issue and manage discounts & other incentives;

(c) Identify VIP clients when they are in the store;

(d) procure an e-comm platform to sell to users nearby;

(e) Increase the field of sight of the users if the retailer is not on the arterial roads;

(f) Provide various deals to consumers & enhance the reach of sales digitally.

First among many milestones to come....

C2SBook awarded recognition as an innovation-driven startup by Government of India's Department of Industry Policy and Promotion. Thereby, providing it exemption from Income Tax as well as relaxation in various compliances and Government procurement norms in Republic of India - in concurrence with relevant laws of Government of India.

Certificate of Recognition as startup by Ministry of Commerce & Industry of Government of India